BC, It’s Time to Fire Steve Addazio

BC, It’s Time to Fire Steve Addazio

This weekend the Boston College Eagles beat Wake Forest 17-14 to cap off a 6-6 season, clinching a bowl game in the process. Anybody who has followed Boston College football this season knows that neither the .500 record nor the bowl game is a accurate representation of how the Eagles have played. Boston College has been absolutely horrible this season. This has not surprised any Eagles fan who has watched head coach Steve Addazio drag the team to the ground over the past four seasons. Steve Addazio needs to fired immediately.

The past four seasons of Boston College have felt incredibly unsuccessful. Despite having consistently one of the best defenses in the nation, the team has struggled to do anything against a team not from mid-major obscurity. Sure, Addazio made it to a bowl game this year. But he did it by beating UMass, UConn, Buffalo, and Wagner. In fact, the only team that Boston College beat with a record above .500 was Wagner. Freaking Wagner! That might be a bowl-eligible season but it is not an impressive season. This year Boston College also snapped it’s ACC losing streak that spanned almost two full years by pulling off the stunning upset against a NC State team that lost to 3-9 East Carolina. Am I supposed to be impressed?

Yes, Addazio has enjoyed some legitimate success going 7-5 in both 2013 and 2014, his first two seasons at Boston College. Everybody knows this wasn’t because of his stellar coaching. Addazio has completely relied on his defense ever since walking into Alumni Stadium. And just to be clear, Addazio has had little to nothing to do with his defensive success. Before coming to Boston College Addazio had been a tight end coach, offensive line coach, special teams coach, and offensive coordinator but never anything on the other side of the ball. Addazio does not coach the defense. But Don Brown does. Don Brown was defensive coordinator until this season when he went to Michigan to give Jim Harbaugh the number one ranked defense in the nation.

In Addazio’s most memorable season, 2014, he enjoyed coaching the 11th ranked defense in the nation. That put them ahead of powerhouses like Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio State. In 2015, Addazio coached with the number 1 ranked defense in the nation. And guess what. They failed to make a bowl game, finishing with an embarrassing 3-9 record. Even in 2013, Steve Addazio found coattails to grab in the shape of All-American running back and Heisman finalist Andre Williams. In 2016, though the defense looked like a mere shell of itself after the departure of Don Brown, the Eagles had the 10th best defense in college football.

But being an offensive guy, Addazio’s offenses must’ve been decent, right? Wrong. Very, very wrong. Even in Addazio’s offensive heydays of 2013 and 2014, with Andre Williams and Tyler Murphy, the offenses ranked 100th and 109th, respectively, out of 127. And that was mainly using players that Addazio didn’t recruit. So what’s happened since Addazio’s recruits have started playing? Well, in 2015 the offense ranked 125 out of 125. Yes, you read that right. Dead last. This season, 2016, the offense ranked 126 out of 128. Almost dead last. Since Addazio’s recruits have started playing, Boston College has had the worst offense in all of college football.

And it’s not a secret to anyone that has ever talked to a Boston College football player that the team absolutely despises Steve Addazio. He is a mean coach, simply put. Maybe this negative energy has caused Boston College’s well documented kicking woes, a very mental task.

At this point I am convinced any change to the head coaching role at Boston College would be beneficial. I don’t really care who it is. But there are good coaches out there. And it’s time for Boston College to start actually trying to win. What about giving Charlie Strong a call? He’s looking for a job. What about Les Miles? He’s looking at Purdue who went 3-9 this year. Brian Kelly is probably leaving Notre Dame. Maybe we could lure Don Brown back from his glory at Michigan with a head coaching role at his former home.

I don’t know who the best fit for the Boston College head coaching job is, but I do know it is not Steve Addazio. I also know that stingy Boston College and Addazio-admiring AD Brad Bates will not fire Addazio and eat the rest of the guaranteed money in his contract. It’s the sad reality of a Boston College fan. We are rooting for a school that cares a lot more about money than actually winning.

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